Cognitive Dissonance / 2018 / Music + Video

Cognitive Dissonance is the first solo release from Berlin producer XIL, of the electro-performance duo HYENAZ. The two-track single, despite its foreboding title, is a forcefield of cosmic electronica.

The title track is built around a mallet riff that cycles in rounds. There is warmth present, generous bass, deep saturated strings but coldness as well, the sound of grinding glass tuned into a melancholy melody. Emerging from the mist, a lonely pitched down vocal croons longingly.

Esoteric Urn is a prayer delivered over a waxy, grit-speckled bassline. High hats sizzle as if on fire, a siren like synth rises and falls over an organic horizon.

For the still artwork, XIL remixed an Australian landscape scene by her mother Susan Havelock, splitting the RGB content to introduce a quiver to the act of perception.

Building upon this the video component of Cognitive Dissonance attempts to find “active ecologies of experience” that precedes the structuring of the world into objects, an operation performed automatically by some forms of consciousness. For Esoteric Urn, a rain splattered car window on a highway was reduced to geometry, exploded into rays before finally being doubled over itself to create an experience in which objectivity is present, but only barely, or at best partially.

Released February 12, 2018
Written and Produced by XIL.
Image by XIL based on an artwork by Susan Havelock
High Definition Audio Mastering by Bartłomiej Kuźniak, Studio 333